Sunday, January 3, 2010

Breathing Into Gratitude

The breath is a powerful force.  We take it for granted, the way our lungs silently pull air in and push it out.  But conscious breathing can be used for so many different beneficial purposes - focus, calmness, creativity, energy, passion, fitness, etc.

Even as I sit here now writing these words, I fall in and out of conscious breathing.  At moments, usually between sentences, I pause and collect my thoughts, and I become aware of my breath.  Am I holding my breath slightly?  Do my lungs feel tight or loose?  Is my posture allowing me to take the full breath that I desire?

One of my intentions for this year, and the many years to come, is to become a conscious breather all the time.  Even when I do not focus on the breath, I would like to maintain an awareness of my breath so that I may, even in times of stress, frustration, anger, or sadness, continue to breathe fully, bringing the force of my full breath to bear on my state of mind.

So I start here, with this intention, and these breaths that I take, to become a conscious breather.  And I look forward to the continual process of breathing in and out for the rest of my life, conscious, whole, and grateful.

Your breath is your source of inspiration for being in the moment.  Breathe with me, slowly, fully, consciously, and feel your body relax, your mind silence, your spirit rest.  Your breath is at the core of gratitude for the present moment.

-- GC

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