Friday, January 1, 2010

Gracious Reception

Millions are taking this first day of the new year to solidify resolutions, intentions, and goals for 2010.  Lose weight, go to more concerts, travel to a foreign country, be more patient, spend more time with loved ones....This is absolutely my favorite time of the year because of the palpable energy focused on being the best versions of ourselves.  In all of the excitement of starting anew, it easy to overlook the fine art of graciously receiving what we most desire.  There have been countless times in my life that I have simply passed up an opportunity to get exactly what I said I wanted months or days before or simply eschewed the the perfect help, discounted gym membership, or contact information of a potential friend offered to me that would further me along in achieving my dreams.

As an intelligent, goal oriented woman with my doctorate in psychology, I've spent much of my life studying how one can most effectively and happily function.  But despite the degrees and expertise, I am human.  Basically, I sometimes require hitting my head on the same wall in the same spot over and over again before saying, "OK! Ouch! That's enough!"  This year, instead of just missing the gifts and opportunities, I'd like to receive my dreams in quicker, clearer, and better fashion than ever before.  I am sure it will be life changing! 

Come on...Let us all host beautiful and gracious receptions for the gifts that will come our way in this wonderful new year.  Keep those balloons, streamers, wrapping paper, and your eyes out!   I am sure that we are all going to need them for this year long party!


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